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Developments In Maritime Transport And Logistics In Turkey

Developments In Maritime Transport And Logistics In Turkey

Developments In Maritime Transport And Logistics In Turkey

Editörler: Mahmut Celal Barla, Osman Kamil Sağ, Michael Roe, Richard Gray

Routledge Yayınevi

228 Sayfa

ISBN: 9781138263789

Boyut: 15.7 x 23.5

Karton Kapak


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Turkey is one of the largest and most important shipping and logistics centres in the world. This edited collection brings together industrialists actively involved in the shipping trade with an interdisciplinary team of academics from the region to provide a unique, broad perspective on the industry as a whole. Using Turkey as an in-depth case study, the volume examines issues such as port economics and policy, training and education, ship finance, containerisation and maritime policy in general. This is a useful reference for professionals and academics in both shipping and logistics.


-Introduction, Michael Roe

-The role of shipping in the Turkish economy in the 1990s – Mehmet Kaptanoglou and Michael Roe

-Dimensions of service quality in container transportation, an empirical investigation – Okan Tuna

-Regional development and port planning. The port of Mersin as a feeder terminal in the Eastern Mediterranean – Guler Bilen Alkan, Mahmut Celal Barla and A. Guldem Cerit

-Environmental protection of straits and the law of the sea with particular reference to the Mediterranean – D. Baser (Kizilsumer) and S.O. Baser

-Crisis in ports and the significance of procuring contingency plans – Hakki Kisi

-Shipbuilding markets and the impact of technology as a macro-environmental factor – A. Guldem Cerit and Osman Kamil Sag

-Caspian oil exports and their impact upon the tanker fleet – Bengi SelenYuceer and A.Guldem Cerit

-Turkish shipbuilding in the 1990’s – Erhan Bayraktar; Harry Heijveld and Michael Roe

-Reliability, availability, maintainability and safety assessment in the maritime industry – Burak Acar

-Advances in ergonomics in the maritime sector: a Turkish perspective – Guler Bilen Alkan and Osman Askin Bak

-Liner agents and container port service quality – D. Ali Deveci, A. Gulden Cerit and Jacques H.B. Sigura

-Comparative analysis of recently privatized major ports in Turkey – Funda Yercan and Kazim Yeni


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