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Ferries Of The World - World Ship Collection-II

Ferries Of The World - World Ship Collection-II

Ferries Of The World - World Ship Collection-II

Yazar: Fatih Takmaklı

Xlibris Publishing

100 Sayfa

ISBN: 9781436364683

Boyut: 21.6 x 21.6

Karton Kapak


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Ferries are the orphans of the vehicles. People view their car as their identity; people appreciate planes, and people takes vacation with cruise ships. If you look at around the world, you will find cars, planes, and passenger ships preserved; however, you will hardly find a ferry preserved. One should that Istanbul would not be exotic Istanbul without her pretty ferries; San Diego would not be colorful San Diego without her ferries, and Messina would not be macho Messina without her ferries. Even though many people are not aware of these great vehicles’ ability to beautify cities, ferries still carry their mission, carry cars and people from one place to another. After publishing my book, Modern Cruise Ships from 1931 to 2008, I decided to publish this book as well because many people know little about ferries. Therefore, I would like to present the ferry pictures that I have taken during the past 13 years. “Ferries of the World” is a collection of ferry pictures which I have been taking since 1995. This book also provides some technical data for each ferry. There are 126 ferry pictures in this book. I shared my experience with each ferry in this book.


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