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Modern Turkish Ships - World Ship Collection-III

Modern Turkish Ships - World Ship Collection-III

Modern Turkish Ships - World Ship Collection-III

Yazar: Fatih Takmaklı

Xlibris Publishing

102 Sayfa

ISBN: 9781436380478

Boyut: 21.6 x 21.6

Karton Kapak


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Kitap Hakkında

As I’m riding in one of the boats of İstanbul Deniz Otobusleri (İDO) in Istanbul, the colorful sea life presents itself in an amazing way. There is everything that I can possibly imagine: from the gigantic cruise ships to the little ferryboats docking at the Karakoy Port, to smaller conventional passenger boats. Istanbul, a marvelous city, portrays itself wonderful with her Turkish ships. The unforgettable and magnificent scene in Istanbul inspired me to photograph Turkish Maritime Lines ships and İDO ferries.

“Modern Turkish Ships” is the third book of the “World Ship Collection”. This book will help readers who are interested in learning about Turkish ships. There are 135 ship photographs presented in this book followed by technical data for each ship. The different varieties of ships photographed in this book are conventional passenger boats, conventional vehicle ferries, cruise ships, fast ferries, ferryboats, harbor motorboats, passenger ships, train ferries and yachts. You will find yourself in Cesme, Marmaris, Mersin, Istanbul and Izmir. In addition, this book is a remarkable archive item for ship lovers. While you read, you will join the author on his journey of maturity about life and Turkish ships.


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