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Seapower, Technology And Trade - Studies In Turkish Maritime History

Seapower, Technology And Trade - Studies In Turkish Maritime History

Seapower, Technology And Trade - Studies In Turkish Maritime History

Editörler: Dejanirah Couto, Feza Günergün, Maria Pia Pedani

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ISBN: 9789944264518

Boyut: 21.0 x 29.5

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The present volume “Seapower, Technology and Trade – Studies in Turkish Maritime History” seeks primarily to present, a heterogeneous and extensive assessment of the state-of-the-art in international maritime history, perceived from various points of view, giving priority to the analysis and interpretation of new archival documentation  that was previously unknown, or little explored. The aim of this publication is thus to add, as much as possible, to the general body of knowledge in global maritime history, and to contribute to a substantial rellection on Turkish maritime history.

A collection of fifty-seven articles offers various written and iconographic sources, with explanatory texts, both of European and non-European origin, with a natural accent in micro-history studies. The chronological approach that was followed was rather broad, affording some emphasis on the lower medieval period, and the early modern and contemporary era. Complementary studies explore earlier periods where the foundations of seapower, supported by advances in technology and gains in trade, were laid for history in the making.


Introduction  – Dejonirah Couto, Feza Günergün, Maria Pia Pedani 13

Part I – Maritime Powers and Conflicts: The Mediterranean, Aegean Sea and Black Sea 15

-Ties that bind: An ottoman maritime patron from the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean – Nobel al-Tikriti 17

-Phocaea port: From the Genoese to the Ottomans – Zeki Ankon 29

-Preveza battle from a naval perspective – Ali Rıza İşipek 41

-Turgut Reis (1485-1565): The uncrowned King of the Mediterranean (1485-1565) – Özlem Kumrular 48

-The expedition of Charles V to Algiers: Before and after the duel and balance in the Mediterranean- Özlem Kumrular 53

-The Cretan War and Köprülü Mehmet Pasha’s rise to power – Filiz Eşli 58

-The Ottoman-Russian alliance in the Balkans and the Seven Islands naval operation (1798-1799) – Hanife Öztürk 66

-The first naval campaign of Sultan Abdiilaziz: 74 The role of the Ottoman navy during the Montenegro revolt – Gökhan Atmaca 74

Part II – Maritime Powers and Conflicts: Indian Ocean and Red Sea 81

-Rivalries and collaborations: Ottoman and Portuguese empires in a comparative historiography – Salih Özbaran 83

-Ottoman warships in the Indian Ocean armada of 1538: A Qualitative and statistical analysis – Giancarlo Casale 89

-Rumi networks in India and the second siege of Diu (1546) – Dejonirah Couto 103

-The Ottomans and the sixteenth century Bay of Bengal – Rile Mukherjee 115

-Turkish networks in the western Indian Ocean in the 16th-17th Centuries – Radhika Seshan 130

-Some geographical and nautical comments on the Muhit and other related works of Seydi All Reis – Jose Malhao Pereira 136

-Ottoman lighthouses in the Red Sea – Taner Albayrak 146

-The Sadana Island shipwreck from the Red Sea to Ottoman Istanbul – Cheryl Anne Ward 153

Part III – Naval Strategies 163

-Anti-ottoman activities of the Order of the Knights of St. Stephen during the second half of the 16th century – Mikail Acıpınar 165

-The era of “Ghazi Hasan Pasha of Algiers” (1713 – 1790) and its aftermath: The last visionary ottoman Grand Admiral (Grand Vizier) – Levent Kirval 173

-Life on board: The Americans and the Ottoman Navy in the Levant during the first half of the 19th century – Rosa Maria Delli Quadri 182

-The Impact of ottoman seapower on U.S. foreign policy and the creation of the U.S. Navy – Yasemin Dobra-Manço 191

-A Meeting at sea: Strategic culture &Turkish/U.S. 19th century naval relations – Gregory D. Young 209

-Admiral Alfred T. Mahan and his views on the naval history of Turkey – Nikoloi Fedorov 231

Part IV – Traders and Corsairs 237

-Islands, pirates, privateers and the Ottoman Empire in the early modern Mediterranean – Louis Sicking 239

-Corsairs in the service of the Grand Turk: “Men of the frontier” – Emilio Solo 253

-A Window on Muslim traders in the Mediterranean through Maltese archives (1530-1565) – Joan Abela 264

-Maritime trade from Ragusa (Dubrovnik) to western Europe during the 16th and the 17th century – Gianluca Masi 275

-Maritime connections between Ottoman Empire and the city of Rijeka in the 19th century – Tea Mayhew 281

-The Kingdom of Naples and the Ottoman Empire during the Napoleonic era: Diplomatic and trade relations – Mirella Mafrici 289

-Sailing from the Ionian Sea: People, ships and trade in the Island of Lefkada in the 18″‘ century – Christina E. Papokosto 294

-Why did a Russian privateer present the Ottoman governor of Acre with a prized ship? – Mitia Frumin 310

-The Merchant ships of the Ottoman Greeks in the ports at the mouths of the Danube during the 16th-17th centuries – Cristian Luca 317

-Ships and sailors: Maritime transportation in the Black Sea, 18th century – Necmettin Aygün 323

Part V – Scientific Instruments, Cartography, Artillery 335

-A Treatise by the 16th century Ottoman admiral Seydi Ali Reis on rub-i müceyyeb (sine quadrant) – Gaye Danışan Polat 337

-The Use of the celestial globe by the Ottomans: Osman Saib Efendi’s Ta’limü’l Küre – Atilla Bir, Burak Barutcu, Mustafa Kaçar 342

-Research opportunities In Ottoman cartography and the location of maps – Thomas D. Goodrich 359

-The Piri Reis map of 1513: Art and literature in the service of science – Gregory C. Mcintosh 367

-Maps of Venice drawn by Piri Reis and Turkish naval cartographers (16th, 17th and 18th centuries) – Cevat Ülkekul 380

-Knowledge sharing among seamen: 15th- 16th century Latin and Ottoman portolans of the Mediterranean – Candan Nemlioglu, Yasemin Nemlioğlu Koca 390

-Abu Bakr al-Dimashqi’s (d. 1691) hemispheric map of the New World and the representation of the seas in his maps of the world and the continents – Sonja Brentjes 398

-Cartography of Gallipoli and the Dardanelles: From Cristoforo Buondelmonti (15th c.) to the maps of the 18th century in the collections of the Biblioteque nationale de France – Emanuelle Vagnon 412

-Ancient Venetian bronze cannons preserved In Istanbul: Some preliminary considerations – Marco Morin 421

-Genoese naval cannons preserved in the Askeri Miize, Istanbul: Technological and operational comparisons between the Ottoman and Genoese sea ordnance of the 16th century – Renato Gionni Ridella, Gülşen Arslanboğa 439

Part VI – Nautical Archeology, Shipbuilding, and Steam Technology 439

-Latest discoveries on medieval seafaring in the Mediterranean: Yenikapi Shipwrecks Project 2005-2012, Istanbul-Turkey – Ufuk Kocabaş 441

-Study of ancient ship graffiti from the Black Sea and the Aegean – Kostos A. Damianidis 450

-Ottoman ships and Venetian craftsmen in the 16th century – Mario Pia Pedani 460

-An extraordinary sample of mid-17th century ottoman naval architecture: The ship Melek Pasha – İbrahim Başak Dağgülü 465

-Foreign shipwrights under Selim III: The case of Jacques Balthazard Le Brun – Tuncay Zorlu, Fatih Özbay 472

-The boat of Ali Reis: An Inebolu boat built with the ‘Shell First’ technique at the end of the 19th century – Ali Ruhan Çubuk 482

-The Change in the shipbuilding technology in the Ottoman Navy in the 19th century: The age of steam-powered ships – Nurcan Bal 487

-The Legendary ship of the Turkish naval history: The galleon Mahmudiye – Hacer Bulgurcuoğlu 498

-Development of steamship travelling in the Mediterranean (1833-1860) – Alain Servantie 504

Part VII – Health on Board, Naval Training 515

-A Late 18th century surgical station (Cerrah Dükkanı) for dock workers at the Ottoman Imperial Shipyard in Istanbul – Ayten Altıntaş, M. Kaan Sağ 517

-Hygiene on board: Instructions for Ottoman mariners in the late 19th century – Halil Tekiner, Muharrem Uçar, Adnan Ataç 526

-Turkish nautical terms of English origin – Yücel Karlıklı 530

Part VIII – Maritime Archives and Museology 535

-Recovering voices from the past: Using archival material in galleries – Margarette Lincoln 537

-Naval History Archives of the Istanbul Naval Museum – Fatih Erbaş 544

-A new project: The Istanbul Naval Museum as a leisure-learning space 549 Ece Irmak

-Bibliography 553

-Notes on contributors 593

-Index 601


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