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Fishing And Shooting Sketches

Fishing And Shooting Sketches

Fishing And Shooting Sketches

Yazar: Grover Cleveland

Duvar Yayınları

80 Sayfa

ISBN: 9786059353861

Boyut: 13.5 x 21.0

Karton Kapak – 2. Hamur


(görsel:, bilgi:,

Kitap Hakkında

“I am sure that it is not necessary for me, at this late day, to dwell upon the fact that I am an enthusiast in my devotion to hunting and fishing, as well as every other kind of outdoor recreation. I am so proud of this devotion that, although my sporting proclivities have at times subjected me to criticism and petty forms of persecution, I make no claim that my steadfastness should be looked upon as manifesting the courage of martyrdom. On the contrary, I regard these criticisms and persecutions as nothing more serious than gnat stings suffered on the bank of a stream vexations to be borned with patience and afterward easily submerged in the memory of abundant delightful accompa­niments. Thus, when short fishing excursions, in which I have sought relief from the wearing labors and perplexities of official duty, have been denounced in a mendacious newspaper as dishonest devices to cover scandalous revelry, I have been able to enjoy a sort of pleasurable contempt for the author of this accusation, while congratulating myself on the mental and physical restoration.”


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