Maritime English For Turkish Seafarers – I

Yazar: Müjgan Özenir

İtü Vakfı Yayınları

220 Sayfa

ISBN: 978-605-9581-07-3

Boyut: 21.0 x 27.5


(görsel ve bilgi:


In the case of working in the oceans, we are likely to meet many people from different countries and cultures. English is not a language we should know but already a must in our social life; in other words English is the right tool to get our freedom let alone our professional life and status. Unless you have the competency in English you are regarded to be illiterate, as English is the lingua franca of seafaring. Therefore this book aims to prepare cadets for marine life making guidance in reading, writing and speaking, and making use of google on a specific theme.

While compiling the materials, sequencing objectives in this book, my personal experience of teaching cadets for over 20 years backed me up besides the feedback from my cadets of ITUMF who have been at sea and at faculty. This book aims to prepare prospective Turkish deck and engine officers for professional life to be able to communicate in English.

The content of the reading passages is based on the curriculum required by the Ministry, and the linguistic content is in accordance with the STCW requirements besides all units are designed within the framework of communicative approach.

12 units are enriched with the skills of;

Grammar sections; most common tenses, patterns in maritime use are  sequenced and designed in each unit,

Reading tasks; original texts, comprehension questions in different forms,

Writing tasks; rephrasing statements, paragraph writing,

Speaking tasks; pair work & small group work and discussion, Vocabulary; frequent words in maritime use are carefully selected and used
in the reading passages, example sentences,

Googling tasks; finding information for writing and speaking, SMCP structured sections; depending on the contents of the units, 4 tests with 80 questions to make the cadets self study and evaluation,

All characters, names of places, vessels are national basis-namely Turkish.


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