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Coasts For People - Interdisciplinary Approaches To Coastal And Marine Resource Management

Coasts For People - Interdisciplinary Approaches To Coastal And Marine Resource Management

Coasts For People - Interdisciplinary Approaches To Coastal And Marine Resource Management

Yazar: Fikret Berkes

Routlege – Taylor & Francis Group Publishing

394 Sayfa

ISBN: 9781138779815

Boyut: 15.57 x 23.5

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An epic work of open-minded scholarship that bridges disciplines and schools of thought in seeking a new, interdisciplinary philosophy and science for managing coastal social-ecological systems. Berkes throws down a respectful challenge to disregard futile searches for universal panaceas and rather to draw on collective wisdom for case-by-case, adaptive solutions. This book should be read by all working on sustainable use and livelihoods in coastal environments. 

Kevern Cochrane, Ichthyology & Fisheries Science, Rhodes University

This excellent book is a must-read for practitioners, students, and the public concerned with the management and sustainability of marine and coastal systems. It provides the conceptual and practical foundations for teaching interdisciplinary science for the coast and social-ecological system based management; the global examples and extensive web links are especially useful. This book will change your paradigm.

R. Ian Perry, Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans and the University of British Columbia.

Fikret Berkes has again written an important book for students, researchers and policy makers around the world. In this new contribution he draws on his long and pioneering career as an interdisciplinary scholar and broad international research experience with regard to natural, mostly marine and coastal resources and their governance. Not only does he provide a nice overview of the shifting paradigms and practices of managing access and use of common pool resources, he also provides critical thought on the current debate about market-based approaches to resource governance that are now spreading globally. For those searching for alternatives, Prof. Berkes offers fodder for thought and hope for future sustainability of our coasts.

Svein Jentoft, Norwegian College of Fishery Science, UIT – The Arctic University of Norway

This book brings together a lifetime of experience, knowledge and wisdom about coasts, people and their management. Drawing on cases from across the world, Fikret Birket provides a comprehensive, cutting edge and unique text on new thinking and approaches to managing coasts. This book is essential reading for students, scholars, practitioners and policy -makers concerned about managing coasts for a sustainable future.

Merle Sowman, Environmental and Geographical Science, University of Cape Town


1. Introduction: The Ongoing Agenda

2. Natural Resources and Management: Emerging Views

3. Social-Ecological Systems

4. Resilience: Health of Social-Ecological Systems

5. Can Commons Be Managed?

6. Co-management: Searching for Multilevel Solutions

7. Coastal Zone: Reconciling Multiple Uses 8. Conserving Biodiversity: MPAs and Stewardship

9. Coastal Livelihoods: Resources and Development

10. Local and Traditional Knowledge: Bridging with Science

11. Social-Ecological System Based Management

12. An Interdisciplinary Science for the Coast Appendix: Annotated Web Links for Further Reading and Exploration


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