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Turkish Army And Navy

Turkish Army And Navy

Turkish Army And Navy

Yazar: Chris Flaherty

Luca Cristini Editore (Soldiershop) Yayını

88 Sayfa

ISBN: 978-8893278690

Boyut: 25.4 x 17.8

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This book looks at the Turkish Army and Navy during the Era of Sultan Abdulaziz, the 32nd Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, who reigned between 25 June 1861 and 30 May 1876. The Army and Navy changed its appearance substantially, from the Crimean War Period. The most notable of the 1861 Era changes was the adoption of a standardized system for rank identification than had existed previously. Based on using an arrangement of gold or silver chevrons placed abouve the tunic cuff. Other major changes included introduction of a Zouave uniform based on French Army versions used by the bulk of the Turkish Army. Another major change to occur under Sultan Abdulaziz was a massive purchase campaign for new Infantry small arms, Artillery and ironclad warships modernization.


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