Stories For The Seas – A Collection Of The Sea Stories And Photos From Across The World

Hazırlayan: Sean Kobi Sandoval

SurfEars Publication

Görseller: Helio Antonio, João Bracourt, Jonathan Nimerfroh, Pontus Paisson, Harrison Jardine, Sean Kobi Sandoval, Dimitri Vandepoele, Christa Funk, Bryanna Bradley, Maria Fernanda, Marcus Paladino, Ethan Beigel, Sean Davey, Michael Dyrland, Dave Yamaya, Manuel Maqueda, Dannt Sepkowski, Ben Judkins, Jordan Godley, Dean James, Alex Brunton, Pabluo Jimenez, Reed Plummer, Philip Thurston, Stuart Gibson, Warren Keelan, Dee Newell, Kyllian Castells, Jean-Michel Lebret, Naomi Rosignol, Oli Hillyer-Riley, Brendan Pieterse, Tyler Walker, Jarrah Lynch

270 Sayfa

ISBN: 9789151954442

Ciltli Kapak – Kuşe Kağıt


(görsel:, bilgi:,


“Stories for The Seas” is a non-profit project with the mission to raise money for foundations that help our ocean environments. By purchasing a copy of this publication, You contribute to helping our four non-profit partners the fight the war on plastic as well as support preservation and restoration for our ocean environments.

The content inside is blend of stories and photographs curated from worldwide contributors with first hand experience colliding with our oceans and the reality of its human-caused problems. Our contributors range from surfing photographers, environmental activists, artists, athletic swimmers, seafarers, and other water lovers.

During making this publication, the Covid-19 pandemic quarantined the entire human population in just a few short months. If we reflect only on its positive impact, we find our air pollution the cleanest it has been in our lifetimes, animal returning to their natural habitats, endangered species repopulating and the balance of nature resetting our home we call, Mother Earth. We hope this publication may inspire You to spend more time in our beloved seas and to take care of our (marine) environments.

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