Agreement With The Monster – Lessons We Learned From The Great White Shark In Turkish Waters

Yazar: Hakan Kabasakal

Türk Deniz Araştırmaları Vakfı Yayınları

74 Sayfa

ISBN: 978-975-8825-49-3


(görsel ve bilgi:


As a youngster, growing up in Beykoz, İstanbul, near the sea, I was always
wondering if I can see one of the world’s most magnificent and biologically
sophisticated animals one day around the İstanbul Strait because there are few
marine creatures in the world which are more feared, more talked about and less
known than the great white shark. But, unfortunately, my expectation has not
been met.

This makes me feel lucky to be able to write a preface for the book by one of the
former brilliant students of mine at the Fisheries Faculty. Great white shark is one
of the oldest and interesting species among other sharks and deserves special
protection. Mr. Hakan Kabasakal has dedicated his life to the protection of
shark biodiversity and research. His enthusiasm is huge and he has been
collecting samples in fish markets or photographing sharks for many years. I
sincerely congratulate him.

It is a real pleasure to publish this book from Turkish Marine Research
. Despite its notorious reputation, many divers desire to see great
white sharks underwater, not from the cages like in touristic diving. When you
look at the video of that species, you find that it is an amazing creature and its
protection, mainly against by-catch and discards, really matters.

I hope this book along with the other book on sharks by Mr. Kabasakal,
which has been already published by our foundation recently, will encourage
more people to study sharks in Turkish waters. Indeed, knowledge of these
amazing animals is seriously lacking in our waters and the management of the
shark species is strongly related to intensive research effort.

I believe that this book is unique in many ways due to its contents based on the
wide range of new information and original outputs of many anecdotal and
historical information about the great white shark.

Surely, this book will contribute to the protection of the shark biodiversity in
Turkey as well as in other areas of the Mediterranean Sea. We have to protect this
formidable ocean dweller, this is our responsibility for the next generation.

Bayram Öztürk – Director
Turkish Marine Research Foundation
Beykoz, Istanbul – November, 2020


-Preface iv

-Acknowledgments v

-Prologue 1

-Distribution of Carcharodon carcharias in Turkish Waters 8

-Size of the Great White Shark 12

-Morphological Aspects of Carcharodon carcharias Recorded in Turkish Waters 15

-Reproduction: New Generations of Mediterranean Great White Sharks 20

-Food of the Great White Shark 25

-Man and the Man-Eater 28

-Fishery and Great White Shark Occurrences 32

-Preserved Specimens of Great White Sharks Caught in Turkish Waters 36

-Conservation Issues of the Great White Shark in Turkish Water 39

-Would You Like to be a Great White Shark Researcher? 42

-Epilogue 43

-Appendix I. Turkish Great White Shark Data Archive (TGWSDA) 45

-Appendix II. Photographs of several specimens of C. carcharias recorded in the TGWSDA 50

-Appendix III. Great white shark data sheet for observers 64

-Appendix IV. Basic measurements of great white shark 65

-References 66


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