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Marine Aquaculture In Turkey

Marine Aquaculture In Turkey

Marine Aquaculture In Turkey

Editörler: Akın Candan, Süheyla Karataş, Hüseyin Küçüktaş, İbrahim Okumuş

Türk Deniz Araştırmaları Vakfı Yayınları

134 Sayfa

ISBN:  978-975-8825-18-9


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This book, containing up-to-date information about marine aquaculture in Turkey was prepared to provide a projection about Turkish marine aquaculture, to the world literature and the aquaculture sector and prepared with a collective effort from scientists from different institutions, experts from related government agencies and representatives of the aquaculture sector.

Marine aquaculture is developing rapidly not only in Turkey but also in the entire world. While each individual chapter of this book presents the current status and the future projections of marine aquaculture from the beginning of the scientific and sectoral milestones of aquaculture, the general assessment of the overall subject is left to the reader.

I would like to thank Prof. Dr. Bayram Öztürk and all others involved in preparing this book for bringing us together with the hope that this book will help everybody to understand the importance and the impact of marine aquaculture as a whole, not just as a matter of increasing aquaculture production output in Turkey.

I am very grateful for support and contributions of Kılıç Groups, Akuadan, Turbotsan, Agromarin.

Prof.Dr. Akın Candan
Board Member Turkish Marine
Research Fundation





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