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Cetacean Studies In Turkey By TUDAV

Cetacean Studies In Turkey By TUDAV

Cetacean Studies In Turkey By TUDAV

Editörler: Ayaka Amaha Öztürk, Arda M. Tonay

Türk Deniz araştırmaları Vakfı Yayını

50 Sayfa

ISBN: 978-975-8825-44-8


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As the Turkish Marine Research Foundation, we are proud of publishing this book on the cetacean studies in Turkey with the occasion of the 7th Meetings of Parties of ACCOBMAS in a lovely city of Istanbul, Turkey. TUDAV, as a
partner organisation of the ACCOBAMS, has strong motivation for cetacean research and conservation both in the Black Sea and Mediterranean Seas. Recently in 2019, we completed the survey of the Mediterranean Sea, the Sea
of Marmara and the Black Sea. Besides, we have also been collecting data for many years on stranding, bycatch and acoustics of cetaceans.

Our experts have published many papers in scientific journals all over the world. Our education and outreach programmes continue in various areas of the Turkish coasts as well.

Turkey has a long tradition of cetacean hunting until 1983, since when all cetacean species become under the legal protection. Their status, however, has not been improved much, rather worsening due to anthropogenic factors, such
as overfishing, habitat loss, and pollution.

As Turkey finally became a party to ACCOBAMS in 2017, the legal and practical measures will be more stringent and visible in terms of cetacean protection in our seas.

I believe that this book can be presented as a symbol for our small but continuos effort. And I hope it may bring together more people for the national and regional cooperation to protect cetaceans. This book dealt with mostly the activities of TUDAV, but there are some other entities who are interested and starting their own studies on cetaceans. TUDAV is ready to support such studies and hopefully they will be able to contirbute to the science and
conservation of these magnificent animals.

I’m sincerely thankful to Dr. Ayaka Amaha ÖZTÜRK and Dr. Arda M. TONAY for editing this book and Ms. Zeynep GÜLENÇ for her technical assistance. In addition, I am also indepted to all persons who kindly shared their photos in this book.

30 October 2019 Istanbul, TURKEY
Prof. Dr. Bayram ÖZTÜRK – Head of Turkish Marine Research Foundation


-Preface iv

1. Dolphins in Antiquity 1

2. Cetaceans in Turkey 2

3. Dolphin Fishery 4

4. Major Meetings Held in Turkey on Cetaceans 7

4.1 The First International Symposium on the Marine Mammals of the Black Sea 7

4.2 Conference of the European Cetacean Society (ECS) in Istanbul, 2009 10

5. ACCOBAMS and Turkey 11

5.1 A long period of negotiation 11

5.2 TUDAV’s participation to ACCOBAMS 14

5.3 ACCOBAMS module for graduate students 15

5.4 ACCOBAMS Survey Initiative (ASI) in Turkey 16

6. Cetacean Studies 18

6.1 Abundance and distribution surveys 18

6.2 Stranding monitoring 19

6.3 Bycatch 25

6.4 Monitoring of cetaceans in the Istanbul Strait 26

6.5 Skull and skeleton collection 27

6.6 Stomach contents analyses 29

6.7 Genetic studies 29

6.8 Diseases and parasites 29

6.9. Antarctica 30

7. Conservation and Public Awareness Campaigns 31

7.1 No slave trade 31

7.2 Dolphin watch tours in the Istanbul Strait 32

7.3 Marine Wildlife Roadshow 32

7.4 Citizen science 33

7.5 Posters of cetaceans 34

7.6 Book 35

7.7 Campaigns 35

7.8 Short films 36

8. Acknowledgements 36

9. Publications 36

10. Presentations 43

11. Pictures credits 50




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